Research-intensive universities call out the importance of sustainable investment and procurement in tackling climate change

Achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions on the road to build a climate-neutral society is a pressing global challenge. Universities have their role to play in this transition, first of all through their education, research and public engagement, but also through their own operations.

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In this statement the LERU universities express how they can contribute to a sustainable development, now and in the future, through investment and procurement in a university context. The statement formulates recommendations for higher education institutions and other organisations.

A separate document evidences trends and examples of good practice at LERU universities. On investment, activities include, for instance, reducing the carbon footprint of equities in which universities invest, by divesting from fossil fuel or by investing positively in low carbon sectors such as renewables or technology supporting sustainable development, or by working with pension funds to invest sustainably. The procurement section describes initiatives for reducing travel and for COâ‚‚compensation, for decreasing ruminant meat and increasing vegetarian and vegan meal options, for building carbon-neutral buildings, and for re-using and sharing equipment, to name just a few.

Year of publication:
Dec 2021
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