LERU calls for a strong voice for research-intensive universities on export control issues within the EU-US Trade and Technology Council

The EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) was launched during the EU-US Summit in June 2021 [1]. The TTC aims to improve cooperation between the EU and US on a variety of issues relating to trade, competitiveness, and technology through ten working groups. Work Group 7 of the TTC relates to export controls [2]. This statement outlines LERU’s views on the topics which it feels this work group could cover which would bring significant value to research-intensive universities in Europe, in the US and globally.

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LERU believes that the TTC should cover:

  • Human rights and cybersecurity provisions;
  • The scope and application of controls on emerging and foundational technologies;
  • Controlled technology and patent applications;
  • Standard procedures for dealing with Intangible Technology Transfers (for example, collaborations, technical assistance, publications);
  • Coherent definitions of ‘basic and applied research’ and ‘in the public domain’.

Universities can have two significant roles within the TTC discussions. Firstly, universities have a role in providing cutting-edge expertise on specific topics (whether they be technical, for example on potential applications of emerging technologies, or on more socio-legal issues such as human rights). Secondly, universities should provide guidence on the possible challenges to implementation of specific guidelines within the university context.

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Year of publication:
Jan 2022