International curricula and student mobility

Year of publication:
Apr 2013
Type of paper:
Advice paper
  • Bart De Moor (KU Leuven)
  • Piet Henderikx (KU Leuven)
  • Laura Keustermans (LERU Office)
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This paper focuses on internationalisation, which is a valuable factor of research-intensive universities and has expanded its importance over the last few years at undergraduate level. In this paper, LERU analyses the three different schemes of student mobility, such as exchange mobility, and compares them to one another. Furthermore, LERU points out why it is worthwhile to invest the necessary effort and means to set up and develop these more structured forms of student mobility, but also how exchange mobility can be better supported in the future. In addition, LERU makes a number of recommendations directed at the European Commission, in particular regarding ‘Erasmus for All’, at national policy makers and at European universities, especially the research-intensive ones such as the LERU members.