Good Practice in Communicating Animal Research at Universities


Despite the enormous progress made in the development of models and technologies to replace animal use in research, it is clear that animals will need to be used for the foreseeable future. However, the opinion of the general public on animal research is divided, and universities could be more vocal on why and how animals are used, and the strict conditions which need to be met before any animal research is approved.  

Developing an open and transparent approach to animal research within a university can help increase the awareness of the public about animal research. This short note provides a guide for universities how this could be achieved. It suggests how universities could improve their internal and external communications, gives several examples of good practice in developing webpages and gives links to European and national associations which can give further advice on this sensitive issue.
Read the interview with the reports lead author Dr. Serban Morosan here.

Year of publication:
Dec 2020
Type of paper:
  • Lead author: Serban Morosan (Sorbonne University)
  • Co-author: Jürg Dinner (University of Zurich)