Universities united for the best Horizon Europe


Today, upon the initiative of LERU, 14 European associations of universities release a statement in which they call upon the EU institutions to increase the budget for Horizon Europe, improve its content and reconsider the budget distribution over the different pillars of the programme. The associations and their members are fully prepared and available to support the EU institutions in this exercise, in a constructive and positive way. 

Prof. Kurt Deketelaere, Secretary-General LERU, states: “If it had not been for the budget distribution proposal, our overall evaluation of Horizon Europe would have been even more positive! The budget proposal is decent, but must be increased, the programme proposal is decent, but must be improved. However, the underfunding of pillar 1 and the overfunding of pillar 3 have been a damper on our initial joy over the programme. So this will have to be remedied.”

The 14 associations are: AURORA, CESAER, CLUSTER, Coïmbra Group, EARMA, EASSH, ECIU, EUA, The Guild, IDEA League, LERU, SEFI, UNICA and YERUN.

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European University Associations

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Research Professional, 11 June 201


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