In the media: Horizon Europe: ERC and Marie Curie funding disappoints


Prof. Kurt Deketelaere, Secretary-General of LERU, reacts in an article of Research Europe on the Horizon Europe proposal.

Kurt Deketelare, secretary-general of the League of European Research Universities, called the budget distribution “disappointing and very regrettable”.

“The parts of the programme that have proven to be excellent are not rewarded. The percentage of the budget going to the ERC remains the same at 17 per cent—that's a big disappointment,” he said.
Deketelare says the budget for Marie Curie actions is “even more disappointing” than the ERC proposal and “almost a disgrace for this fantastic programme”. He blames the huge planned growth of the “unnecessary” European Innovation Council for the stunting of the ERC and Marie Curie schemes.
“The Commission’s research directorate-general has to do at least part of their homework again," he said.

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