LERU publishes its views on research and higher education in several types of publications, including position papers, advice papers, briefing papers and notes.

Position papers make high-level policy statements on a wide range of research and higher education issues. Looking across the horizon, they provide sharp and thought-provoking analyses on matters that are of interest not only to universities, but also to policy makers, governments, businesses and to society at large.

Advice papers provide practical and detailed analyses of research and higher education matters. They anticipate developing or respond to ongoing issues of concern across a broad area of policy matters or research topics. Advice papers usually provide concrete recommendations for action to specific stakeholders at European, national or other levels.

Briefing papers examine topical issues of particular interest to research-intensive universities. Often the result of meetings of senior academics and university leaders of LERU universities, they take an in-depth look at a discipline- or institution-based topic, analysing challenges, exploring principles and comparing policies and practices from a European perspective.

LERU notes are short, timely statements providing concise analysis and specific advice in response to a pressing issue related to European research and higher education policies. They are often a product of LERU’s standing engagement with certain issues and a result of intensive consultation among experts from the LERU universities.  

Other publications are a variety of publications, statements, letters and brochures related to a wide range of research and higher education issues.

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