Imperial College London hosts 29th LERU Rectors’ Assembly

21 November 2015

On 20 and 21 November 2015, the rectors of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) gathered at Imperial College London for the 29th Rectors’ Assembly. The university heads discussed various important research related topics such as open access, Horizon 2020, quality assurance in doctoral education and recent developments in EU research & innovation policies.

The Internet of empathy receives the Helsinki Challenge prize of €250,000

16 November 2015

The €375,000 prize for the science-based idea competition Helsinki Challenge was divided between two teams. The winner was NEMO – Natural Emotionality in Digital Interaction, which received €250,000, while the runner-up, Biodiversity Now, received €125,000.The prize money is intended for realising the team’s idea.

Women hold up half the sky, deserve half the research

03 November 2015

Engaging in gendered research and innovation is vital because it helps research to answer the global societal challenges we are facing, from adaptation to climate change.

EU Swiss Ambassador addresses LERU Alumni

30 October 2015

On Thursday 29 October, LERU’s Geneva-based alumni were invited to the 8th Alumni Chapter.

Nordic Particle Accelerator School granted with ERASMUS+

27 October 2015

Nordic Particle Accelerator School, NPAS granted with ERASMUS+ to allow further development in the coming years

KISS Horizon 2020 – Keep It Simple & Straightforward

23 October 2015

LERU submitted its response to the Horizon 2020 simplification survey of the European Commission. Simplification has always been the number 1 priority of LERU in the development and implementation of Horizon 2020. Consequently LERU has always been actively engaged in the simplification agenda and will certainly continue to do so in the future.

Linguists to Publish Journal Articles in ‘Fair’ Open Access

22 October 2015

A group of prominent international linguists want to make the access to their scientific results less dependent of expensive commercial publishers. This unique initiative starts under the name LingOA.

The Right to Read is the Right to Mine

19 October 2015

Today, during a breakfast briefing at the European Parliament hosted by MEP Julia Reda, LERU presented what universities need from the upcoming EU copyright reform.

Christmas is over. Research funding should go to research,  not to publishers!

12 October 2015

Nowadays, European universities pay publishers significant parts of their university budget. Hundreds of millions of euro's. Money which is not directly spent on research and education, even though it is largely taxpayers´ money. LERU calls upon all universities, research institutes, research funders and researchers to sign up to the LERU statement and give a clear signal towards the European Commission and the Dutch EU Presidency.

LERU supports “Science4Refugees”

05 October 2015

The European Commission launched the "Science4Refugees" initiative to help refugee scientists and researchers find suitable jobs that both improve their own situation and put their skills and experience to good use in Europe's research system. LERU congratulates Commissioner Carlos Moedas with this important initiative.