LERU Rectors meet in Utrecht to discuss R&I Policy

23 May 2016

On 20 and 21 May 2016, the Rectors of the 21 LERU universities gathered in Utrecht to discuss current and emerging EU research & innovation policy. Prominent guests were the EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker and the Director-General Research and Innovation of the European Commission, Robert-Jan Smits.

Thinking Knows No Boundaries

12 May 2016

European Campus officially opened – Hans-Jochen Schiewer elected as first president

European Women Rectors Association

03 May 2016

The European Women Rectors Association (EWORA) is pleased to announce its inauguration ceremony  which will take place in Brussels at the University Foundation on 20th of June 2016.

2016 University Presidents’ Forum was Held in SJTU

25 April 2016

On April 7th, 2016 World's First-class University Presidents' Forum was held in Shanghai, which was undertaken by SJTU. The world's famous universities' presidents gathered together, talking about the universities' missions and responsibilities in the era of innovation-driven development.

Belgian science unites in support of animal research

24 April 2016

Twenty-one Belgian biomedical research organisations have come together in support of important and ethically responsible research using animals in an unprecedented collaboration ahead of World Day for Laboratory Animals (April 24th).

Karen Maex to lead the University of Amsterdam

20 April 2016

Prof. Karen Maex has been appointed as the new Rector Magnificus of the University of Amsterdam. She will take up the post on 1 June 2016 and is responsible for education, research and internationalisation. Maex will succeed Dymph van den Boom.

LERU’s view on a European Innovation Council

15 April 2016

As expressed in its response to the Call for ideas launched by the European Commission on 16 February 2016, LERU is convinced of the need for a EU systemic approach on innovation. EU investment in innovation is strong (e.g. Innovation Union, InnovFin- EU Finance for Innovators, European Institute of Innovation and Technology –EIT-, European Innovation Partnerships –EIPs-, Joint Technology Initiatives –JTIs-, Knowledge and Innovation Communities –KICs-, etc.) but complex and confusing. There are too many initiatives and levels, better coordination of the multiple EU investments in innovation is required.

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation: why it worries universities & researchers

14 April 2016

The European Parliament has approved the Council´s position on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), marking the end of a long and controversial legislative procedure. LERU is concerned that the new EU Regulation will lead to a patchwork of different data protection and privacy rules in the EU Member States, making it difficult for European researchers to comply with a plethora of different rules in an otherwise much needed EU level approach to data protection.

Brexit: The collapse of a world-class research system for the UK?

31 March 2016

International Innovation Magazine explores the impact Brexit could have on funding, research collaboration with EU members and policy decision making with insight from Kurt Deketelaere, Secretary-General of LERU.

LERU univs take a close look at how they maintain high quality doctoral education

13 March 2016

LERU has for many years now called attention to the importance of innovative doctoral education. In our latest, fourth paper, we analyse how LERU universities go about ensuring that they achieve their objectives to train doctoral researchers to the highest skill levels to become creative, critical and autonomous intellectual risk takers.