LERU supports “Science4Refugees”

05 October 2015

The European Commission launched the "Science4Refugees" initiative to help refugee scientists and researchers find suitable jobs that both improve their own situation and put their skills and experience to good use in Europe's research system. LERU congratulates Commissioner Carlos Moedas with this important initiative.

Gender equality: we are definitely not there yet

30 September 2015

There is a widely recognised need to step up systematic efforts on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in the EU. The world of research is no exception to this: 1/ not enough women enter or remain in a research profession and very few are in leadership positions, 2/ not enough universities and other research performers manage to successfully achieve structural and cultural change within their institutions, and 3/ gender and sex analysis is not well integrated into the research process itself.

Europe needs ongoing efforts to promote research integrity

28 September 2015

LERU welcomes further support for universities and other research organisations to share good practice, to further develop information and training and to take positive steps to foster research integrity. LERU would, however, oppose any EU initiatives that would lead to heavy-handed steering, more regulation or punitive measures for universities.

Charity starts at home!

23 September 2015

LERU has taken note of a proposal to use the remuneration model of the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) for the whole of Horizon 2020.

Gender and sex matter in research:  Twenty recommendations from Europe’s research universities

14 September 2015

In its new advice paper, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) analyses the role of gender and sex analysis in research and innovation (R&I), arguing that it needs to be better integrated into R&I funding, content and implementation process.

Investing in Research, Innovation and Education really pays off !

07 September 2015

On Monday 7 September, the League of European Research Universities (LERU)  presented the results of a study which assesses the economic contributions of its 21 member universities across Europe.

Give research a break!

31 August 2015

40 days is the break that policymakers have given to the Horizon 2020 budget before putting the thumbscrews on again.

“Fulfilling, inspiring, extremely informative and interactive”

24 August 2015

From 13 till 17 July, 44 doctoral students from different LERU universities gathered at the University of Oxford’s state-of-the-art Chemistry Research Laboratory for the 2015 LERU Doctoral Summer School.

Paul Ayris advises European Commission on ‘European Open Science Cloud’

18 August 2015

Dr. Paul Ayris has been appointed as a member of the EU High Level Expert Group on a ‘European Open Science Cloud’. Dr. Ayris is Director of Library Services and Leader of the KPA on Communications, Outreach and Open Access at UCL (University College London). He is also Chairman of the LERU Community of Chief Information Officers.

R&I after one year Juncker Commission: opinion piece by Secretary-General LERU

30 July 2015

Jean-Claude Juncker is nine months into the role of European Commission president: the duration of a pregnancy. Has his Commission delivered in the field of research and innovation, bearing in mind that this was not named as one of his 10 policy priorities in November? And what can we expect for the next four years?