LERU Board of Directors meeting

19 February 2016

The LERU Board of Directors will meet on Friday 19 February 2016.

European Research Project Managers meeting in Brussels

24 February 2016

The LERU European Research Project Managers Community meeting will take place in Brussels on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 February 2016.

LERU Deans of Natural Sciences meeting in Geneva

04 March 2016

The LERU Deans of Natural Sciences Working Group will meet at the University of Geneva on Friday 4 March 2016.

Policy Committee meeting

11 March 2016

The LERU Policy Committee will meet on Friday 11 March 2016.

Animals used for scientific purposes Expert Group meeting

14 March 2016

The LERU Expert Group 'Animals used for scientific purposes' will meet in London on 14 and 15 March 2016 (provisional date).

Doctoral Studies Community meeting in Strasbourg

18 March 2016

The LERU Doctoral Studies Community meeting will take place in Strasbourg on Friday 18 March 2016.