Thematic Groups

Thematic groups are primarily responsible for contributing their expertise on specific topics related to their remit. They operate on an activity-driven, self-organising and voluntary basis. The range of possible activities is wide and open-ended, as long as they fall within the scope of LERU’s mission. The choice of activity is up to the thematic groups themselves: it could be to examine a particular topic for identifying good practice, for mutual learning and exchange of information or people, or for contributing to policy development focused on their specific expertise or discipline(s), to organise a workshop on a specific topic of interest, etc.

There are 11 Thematic Groups:

  • Alumni Relations
  • Animals Used for Scientific Purposes
  • Research Careers & HR, Charitable Funding
  • Crime & Social Control
  • E-Learning, Ethics
  • Gender
  • Research Integrity
  • Law (LERU Law Portal)
  • Theology & Religious Studies