Doctoral Summer School

The LERU Doctoral Summer School is an annual event organised by different LERU members. While focus and format may differ depending on the institutions involved, the general ambition is to provide a learning experience of considerable and lasting added value, beyond what PhD candidates learn as a matter of course in the regular programme of their PhD training.

The aim of the LERU Doctoral Summer School is to provide doctoral candidates with unique professional and personal development opportunities beyond what they are generally exposed to in the course of their PhD training. By creating an exceptional and truly international, intercultural and interdisciplinary meeting of bright young minds, the Summer School creates a highly stimulating learning experience which is of long lasting value to the participants’ future careers.

The doctoral summer school is open to registered PhD candidates of LERU universities. The selection progress is organised per university. If you are interested in participating, please contact LERU or your LERU university.

Summer School 2016

Data Stewardship for Scientific Discovery and Innovation

The 2016 LERU Doctoral Summer School will take place at Universiteit Leiden from 10 till 15 July 2016. It will prepare its participants for the future of complex, data-intensive, multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary scientific methods and collaborations.

Summer School 2015

Sharing Excellence – The Value of Knowledge Exchange

From 13 till 17 July, 44 doctoral students from different LERU universities gathered at the University of Oxford’s state-of-the-art Chemistry Research Laboratory for the 2015 LERU Doctoral Summer School. The theme of the summer school was knowledge exchange: the mutually beneficial sharing of ideas, data, experience, and expertise between academics and non-academic organisations or the public as a means of fostering innovation and excellence, which is relevant to all disciplines and subject areas, across both the arts and sciences.

Oxford Summer School Report

Summer School 2014

“Doing the right things right” - Research Integrity in a Complex Society

The fifth LERU Doctoral Summer School was held at the University of Helsinki from July 14 to July 18, 2014. The theme of the summer school was “Doing the right things right” - Research Integrity in a Complex Society. 41 doctoral students participated in the Summer School to discuss research ethics and integrity from a number of different perspectives. Themes included, for instance, researcher role in the society, strategies in ethical decision-making, philosophical underpinnings of research ethics and integrity, understanding how journal editors work, communicating with media, and an exercise on negotiating institutional integrity policy. Latest learning technologies were utilised to foster engagement and Summer School activities included, for instance, a participant-led panel discussion, and an "Ethics Clinic".

Programme | Helsinki Summer School Report

Summer School 2013

Development of leadership skills for employment in enterprise, government and academia

The fourth LERU Doctoral Summer School was hosted by the University Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris from 8 till 12 July 2013. 40 PhD candidates with diverse research profiles and with proven strong career development potential were trained to identify and analyse the skills required in their future management responsibilities while being immersed in a truly stimulating international, intercultural and multidisciplinary environment.

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Summer School 2012

Beyond Open Access: Open Education, Open Data and Open Knowledge

The third LERU Doctoral Summer school was hosted by the University of Barcelona from Sunday 8 July 2012 til Friday 13 July 2012. Doctoral students from all LERU members were brought together to identify and analyse the challenges and opportunities that the open scholarship agenda (open access/education/data/knowledge) offers to universities from different perspectives of scholarly activity, including both teaching and research.

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Summer School 2011

Essential Enterprise Skills for Early Career Researchers

The second annual LERU Doctoral Summer School was hosted by University College London and focused on the theme of Entrepreneurship. The Summer School took place from 17 till 22 of July. During the week participants developed the knowledge and attributes required to successfully take a business idea forward, whether that is within an academic or a business environment and from scientific or humanities domains. Participants were given some initial training, followed by project work in cross-disciplinary teams on a business idea focused around one of the global challenges such as climate change, energy, ageing, population growth, urbanisation or food security. Experts in areas such as intellectual property and resource management were on hand to support the teams in their work and provided some formal learning input throughout the duration of the summer school. At the end of the week, each team presented their business idea to a panel of professionals. During the business plan development, participants were encouraged to produce a video diary of their activities which will not only harness creative energy but also enhance the learning experience by demonstrating the process each team went through to get to their end result.

All information on the LERU Doctoral Summer School 2011.

UCL's Summer School website

See the video report of Summer School 2011 at UCL

Summer School 2010

In July 2010 the League of European Research Universities offered its first Summer School for PhD students. The topic of the first Summer School was Communicating about Academic Research, and the activities were embedded in a theme of great interest to society: Towards a sustainable future. The Summer School was jointly organized by the University of Amsterdam and the University of Utrecht, two Dutch LERU members. The school took place at Utrecht. The programme was intensive and highly interactive. Exciting excursions relevant to the topic were part of it, and there were ample opportunity to sample the local ambiance. More information on the 2010 Summer School.

Participants of the 2015 Summer School at the University of Oxford