Facts and figures

  • Together LERU member universities account for more than 550,000 students, including 50,000 PhD candidates.
  • Each year about 55,000 master's degrees and 12,000 doctorates are awarded at LERU universities.
  • The total research budget of LERU’s members exceeds €5 billion.
  • More than €1 billion is granted by research councils, while over €1.25 billion comes from contract research.
  • The total sum of research grants from EU projects to LERU universities is approximately €300 million.
  • More than 20% of ERC grants have been awarded to researchers at LERU universities.
  • Over 230 Nobel Prize and Field Medal winners have studied or worked at LERU universities.
  • 55,000 academic staff and 55,000 non-academic staff work at the member institutions (hospital-only staff not included).